Hidden Project… interesting

So recently some events occured which REALLY confused me..

Basically someone was developing a version of DF which would be multiplayer…


He made a FB page to show off his development and it was up for about a week. It reached around 200 likes I recall. Then suddenly Facebook took the page DOWN. Because AE had reported it for copyright infringement.


Now this really doesnt make sense to me.. the page just showed pictures.. there was NO server actually online at the time. However AE got it taken down in LESS than a week.

What does Hidden Project have todo with this you may ask?

The Hidden Project FB page has over 30K likes. It has been up for 2 years… AE take down the DF multiplayer FB page in a WEEK… but they leave HP even though they are the BIGGEST AQW Private Server.


I dont know the answer unfortunately :(

Forum is gone… wtf happened!

Haha do not worry. We still have the forum backed up :)

Why was it removed you may ask?

Well the forum is losing activity mainly because WQW wasnt released, and lack of content. Rest assure however as soon as WQW is back online so will be the forum